Reemay so far

Taken in natural light- VERY bright sun!

I moved it out of the sun as much as I could and got this with forced flash.This is truer colour. The first one looks faded.
I am making progress on this project and am liking it more as I go on. I really like the contrast between the crispy, hard Reemay and the glowing, nubbly Dupioni. The whole central motif is now stitched and I am in a quandary. Shall I leave the empty holes as they are or shall I do some quilting in there too? I will definitely do some work in a pretty variegated lime, yellow thread around the outer edge on the limey green silk.

I have no backing on this yet. I am quilting on the silk backed with batting. I should post a picture of the back side. I really like the wrong side of things.
The wrong side of the reemay
A little closer up but it does not look well focussed here. My apologies, but you do get the idea.

There! Done!! I LOVE digital photography!


  1. This is taking shape in a spectacular way. Love the openness of it.

  2. Striking!!! The back shows off you lovely work!!

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    Lovely as always : )

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  4. Very intriguing. I had to find the previous posts. This is indeed fiddly but such a stunning work of art. Lovely!