Cold Morning

Zowie! Suddenly, it is winter, almost snowless but ccc c cold! It is -14c at our back door and there is no snow cover to protect the garden. Thankfully, most of what I grow is hardy.This spindly little Rhododendron at the front door is my barometer. Look at the little leaves , quilled tightly to prevent moisture loss and freezing. As soon as it warms up, they will unfurl and look pretty again.

Here is my other favourite weather shot! This is right out the back door into the north corner of the garden and it has been shot over and over again in all sorts of weather. Look! Little or no snow. Devoid of animals,((but the bird feeders are full) The garden in general looks deserted, sere and miserable. What joy when spring comes and everything turns lush and green and flowery out there again. We shall enjoy each day though, in spite of and because of the weather. Good weather for starting things up in the arty department again after a Christmas lull.

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