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I have been messing around again ! In light of the Sketchbook Challenge, I had a look at Zentangles. If you are not familiar with the term, Google it! It is GRAND fun - IF you like to doodle- and I do. I have been Zentangling a little bit and find it relaxing and it is getting my right hand limbered up a bit for drawing. I have included a couple of closeups and you can see how wiggly my hand is. Hopefully, it will improve. This is REALLY fun. Try it! You'll like it!

 I told you that I had a wiggly hand- BUT it is improving. Who knows where this madness will end?

The second thing I have been working on is this-
The beginning of this piece- almost. I painted the reemay with Setacolor paint . I then ironed Wonder Under onto the back side before I began cutting. Once the Wonder Under was cool, I began cutting with my soldering iron. NOT as easy as it looks!

Apart from some more roundish holes around the outside, through the blue and green, this is the main piece all cut and ready to fuse to the background layer. It will be hand dyed . Stay tuned!
I would strongly urge everyone who quilts or who does Fibre Art of any kind, to look at the blog and website of Betty Busby. If you do not know her or her gorgeous work, you are in for a huge treat! It was Betty's beautiful work with Reemay that got me interested in trying it. I have used Lutradur, Tyvek, Evolon and lots of other industrial fabrics but Betty's use of Reemay is stellar and REALLY lit my board. Having cut this one small piece, ( 18inches square) I can REALLY appreciate Betty's work. It is so delicate and so controlled - and huge! Mind you she does quilt on a longarm, but even so....

I plan to dye a background for this , layer and quilt it and decide what to call it. It makes me think of a composite flower like Coreopsis or a sunburst but I shall await the outcome to decide on a title. I told you before I am the Queen of Serendipity!

One more shot on a background of plain white Dupioni silk.I MAY try dyeing it but it is not so easy and looks grainy, OR I may just go with some nice white cotton lawn to dye. It will take the colour the way I want it to. Watch this space!
By the way, you can find Betty Busby at and her blog is

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