Twig Inchies

A twig of Spirea

Bridalwreath spirea twig

Twig of an unidentified shrub

My favourite! A tiny twig of a spruce tree- picea. Look at the intricate design . Very primitive structures.

Another Philadelphus twig
Here are my Twig Inchies. There is little to be said really except that you should spend time looking at LITTLE things.

Makeup Inchies

Classic Kabuki makeup style

Freaky eyes!!

Another Kabuki character

Mime. Why are they always so soulful and sad>

Good advice for all :-)

One of my favourite little David Austin roses. Wish I could find one for the garden.
Maybe I will try the Kabuki style one of these days. It could get you lots of attention in the supermarket. So...maybe not!  These are my Makeup Inchies and I will post them now on Every Inchie Monday at


An Oyster Catcher making a huge racket on Kiel Beach near Southend, Kintyre.

Bluebells and Celandines in Tangy Wood, Kintyre.

Hand painted sky and water fabrics depicting a lovely sunset on the shore at Machrihanish, Kintyre.

Tangy Mill, a grist mill up on top of the seacliff at Tangy, Kintyre. McMillans worked this mill in the 1700's.

Putechan Cemetery on the shore road just north of Bellochantuy, Kintyre.Lots of ancestors buried here as well as a number of drowned sailors who washed ashore long ago!

Sunset over Jura, mostly silks and foils.

The sun broke through dense storm clouds over the mainland overlooking the Island of Aaran off the east coast of Kintyre.

The standing stones of Ballochroy high on the seacliff overlooking the Island of Jura.

Glorious textures of sand, sea and sky at Westport beach near Campbeltown, Kintyre.

Sunset at Westport beach. The tide was just creeping in and the colours and textures were fabulous!

The cup and ring marks at Achnabreck, Kintyre. These carvings are very mysterious, done between 5000 and 6000 years ago and no one has any idea why!
I have been going to do this for ages! My husband helped me to FINALLY get decent photos of the completely finished quilts from my Sottish collection. I have made a little book of the quilts with the original photos I too and used for inspiration . This is an ongoing project and I will be collecting some more photos soon to add to this quilting project :-) Hope you enjoy them. Stay tuned for more to come I hope, next fall and winter.

Fire Inchies

Like a little candle, burning in the night

A fiery eye

Bring on the marshmallows :-)

Where there's smoke.....

Ready, aim, ..what a messy job!
Here are a few very quickly done Fire Inchies. Some of them are quite silly but... Sorry about the messy little pistol. I LIKE my little pistol, but not the rest of it. No time to fix it, so away!

Blue Inchies

Melted Tyvek and micro beads

Jones Tones foil and a button and two beads

Texture Magic under cotton  , stitched and shrunk with the iron . Turquoise beads.

Cotton fabric wit Angelina fibre and beads

Beads and "jewels" on paper with blue ink

Evolon painted with Dye na Flo and beads
This week was great fun. I love BLUE anyway , so this was fun. No special messages. No high ideas. Just pretty blue! Mmmm!

Moving right along

The Irises stitched

The Poppies stitched

The Sunflowers ready for stitching
I have done the thread paintng on the poppies and on the irises now and the sunflowers are next.The tear away stabilizer I used is not wonderful. It is wonderfully hard to tear away!!! In the end, I am leaving it where the pieces are small and removing it behind the larger open areas. That will be fine . So far, I am pleased but I will be very glad when the job is done.
The Irises - stitch detail

Details of the stitching on the poppies

                                 Stay tuned for the finishing which I hope will happen early this week.

First of three

This little poppies piece is one of three little ones I am doing as gifts for friends in England. We HOPE, if the petrol strike does not happen, to be visiting them in May! If it does happen, you are all stuck with me :-( Obviously , this is only a top and still needs thread painting and quilting etc. Sorry about the wrinkles, This is not the ideal spot to hang anything for a photo shoot!

River Inchies

Sunsets over a river are some of my favourite things.

Paddling down a calm river - a past joy. Guess I am a little creaky for that any more :-(

Gorgeous mountain streams become mighty rivers as they collect water from little tributaries.

Moonlight on a river is lovely- as long as your moon is not blobby!!! Sorry!

Started off as Niagara but ended up looking pretty tame . Ah, well!
In the past week, I have been up close and personal with some big rivers. I crossed the Niagara, the Ohio, the Kentucky and the Tennessee - and a whole lot of smaller ones too. Then, I did the whole trip in reverse but in the meantime, I had a lovely family visit. Here are my River Inchies-well, up there ^