Smile Inchies :-)

Fat Honey bees hang around flowers and make honey! What's not to love about that?

Butterflies are some of nature's extravagances- perhaps not fabulously useful, but SOO lovely. Maybe the Creator decided we needed a built in smile inducer. Works for me!

Dragonflies are a little more useful than butterflies, but still elegant and evocative of happy summer days beside peaceful ponds.
What makes YOU smile? I know some of the things that make ME smile. I adore little kids' art! It is filled with smiles , although I have seen some children's art that makes me very sad too. however, today, we speak of smiles. Make someone smile today. Smile yourself. It is good for you and good for everyone around you too. I have a friend in England who always says, " Smile! It keeps the opposition on its toes! " That is true :-)
Now, the concept of Happy Dancing Yaks just makes me guffaw! To heck with smiling!!These two are my copies of drawings done by our daughter, aged four years. Big smiles on the Yaks and on Mummy in the next Inchie. Note the tres glam high heeled shoes too!- and , smile!

Sad smile, Happy smile! This was what our daughter called frowns and smiles. Neat concept, no?

In closing, I would say that smiles are something we should all strive to show to the world. Try HARD to make someone smile every day. There is plenty in the world to make us sad and fearful, but a smile is always therapeutic- for the Smiler and for the Smilee!