Shadow Inchies

                        "I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me"- RL Stevenson

We all have a shadow. Sometimes it is our only companion- like mine on a sunny morning in the summer, with my hat on, camera in hand.

Shadows have helped us to tell time too. Sundials rely heavily on sun and shadow. So, how did we tell time on a cloudy day?
Same as below but a different background . I could not decide which showed best?

Sorry for the picture quality. I needed a dark room and a flash to get the shadow of the gnomen.

The next Inchie is a copy I drew of  a silhouette of my Great Grandfather, GA Bell , 1860-1955. George Armstrong Bell was a twin and for a long time , until the death of his twin brother, Thomas Willis Bell, they were the oldest twins in Halton County- possibly even further afield. A pair of these silhouettes were done but , as they looked SO identical, I only made one for the EIM this week and , I confess, I flipped one ;-)

The Bell boys


  1. Those are brilliant. You've been much more inspired than me this week.

    I love the sundial.

  2. Wonderful ideas. Thank you for the description.

  3. Lovely ideas! This is amazing!

  4. Great going especially like your silhouettes.