Lost :-(

I have been messing about and have now lost my last post- A Little Sojourn! NO idea where it has gone. I tried to make a new page but it messed me up so I will stay with this format. I WAS going to do a separate page for things photographic but not now. Here is something pretty to look at though so this page is not a total dud.

I treated myself to a bunch of Stargazers to photograph. Love them!

I have spent a LOT of time working on my photos while I am still taking this course. We have had very little sun lately though which is kind of frustrating for photos . Even MORE frustrating is the fact that a week ago yesterday (Friday), I discovered a leak in the laundry tubs so we have spent the whole week repairing and finally replacing the tub and poor DH spent a LOT of time on his back on the floor plumbing. Now he is suffering the aftermath of that undertaking. If I had not mentioned it before , DH has serious back problems and so has to be VERY careful with what he decides to do. He did a great job as always but he really should NOT have done it himself.

Here is the old tub. It was cracked and deteriorating badly.

And here is what we replaced it with. I decided on black because of the dyeing . It is all installed now and works very well.

Certainly not very House and Garden but VERY efficient and working very well. Thanks so much to DH :-)

And just for pretty... Japanese maple in Tennessee-

-and dogwood fruit- also in Tennessee
One of these days- soon, I hope , I will be downstairs dyeing up a storm so I can get back to my work. I hope you are all well and happy. Cheerio for the moment .

If Monet Grew Hydrangeas- finally finished

It is finished at last!I have had many many interruptions but I DID finally get this piece done. It was fun to quilt. It still needs a label but for that, it needs its official portrait done and we have a lot on our respective plates just at the moment. Anyway, here it is at last!

The completed piece 
We LOVED visiting Giverny in the summer of 1995 when our daughter performed at the Festival Interceltique in L'Orient in Britanny . While she was dancing, we visited Giverny and the Normandy beaches . Then we joined her for the end of the festival. The memories of that trip are still VERY fresh in all of our minds. Wish I had had longer to soak in the beauty of Giverny. I would LOVE to visit in iris time :-)Anyway, IF Monet had grown Hydrangeas- this is how I imagine they might look allowed to grow"wild", which , in the case of Claude Monet, would LOOK wild but would be VERY controlled. As I said in earlier posts on this piece, this was based on one piece of my hand dyed cotton fabric. What a happy accident!
The left side closeup
The right side closeup

It is no accident that I am posting today. This is WIP Wednesday and although this is now a FINISHED piece, I will share it on the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com There are lots of interesting posts this week. Be sure to drop by and enjoy.