Universe Inchies

At our house, we have had an unending fascination with the universe, astronomy and Quantum Physics. I do NOT pretend to understand it! I would like to, but I don't-at least not enough to explain it to anyone. I do, however, stand in awe and the more I see, hear, read and learn, the more awed I am . Here are a few paltry Inchies illustrating  some of the kinds of components of our marvellous Universe.
The Big Bang

A spiral Galaxy

A chunk of Deep Space

Stars are born here in a wispy gas cloud

Spiral Galaxy on edge with a few Red Giants

Nice big Spiral Galaxy
Badly illustrated but I tried!
My Little Universe. Look, Ma! No Black Holes!!!


  1. These are just fantastic. You really are having fun with inchies.

  2. I love your inchies. So beautiful colors.

  3. The beads spill around in a quite fabulous way!

  4. I love your inchies - they are gorgeous each one of them