More of the colours of winter

Berberis fruits like brilliant carved rubies

A MUCH happier Rhododendron in the mild temperatures of this day

Flower head of Hydrangea Quercifolia blown off by the strong winds

Hakone Grass all blowing in the same direction

Things happening indoors too. The Poinsettias are dropping leaves and bracts.

 So pretty curled and twisted like little shells in lovely faded colours.
Buds of helleborus - the early red one.

That surprise I mentioned earlier at our front door. Snowdrops, undaunted by cold winds and freezing soil are pushing through valiantly. See the little "beaks" on the leaves ! Like the sharp little beaks wee birds use to peck through their eggshells as they hatch. Life is never easy, is it ?

It was mild today and all sorts of things were happening in the garden. Some interesting things were happening indoors too.Here is another drying poinsettia leaf. I LOVE them . They are my favourite part of having Poinsettias!

Orange, purple and black. Nice blends.

Indoors and down in our cellar , interesting things were happening too. I have been dyeing . Great fun and only minor mishaps which I may , some day, confess :-)

Chino and black on white.
 Another interesting colourway. I have missed dyeing! Once upon a time , I used to do a LOT!

My favourite bit of this piece!

                              It has been a good, productive and very interesting day at our house.

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  1. Hi, Carolynn. Beautiful colors in your dyed fabrics--I'm especially fond of the pinks.
    best, nadia