City Inchies

City with a pencil line :-(

City with a leaning tower. Yikes!!
COULD be London, England ??

Must be Karma! I am not fond of the Wizard of OZ so the Wicked Witch has made my Emerald City look messy and disorganized. Ah, well!

Cities on maps
Cities called City

And one more City called City   

Cities are everywhere. Cities are proliferating, gobbling up the natural world around us. They are spreading like cancers . What on earth will be the eventual outcome of this growth? Maybe it will be one great Uber City. Heaven forfend!!!


  1. And how did I know that there would be more than one inchie displayed here.
    Mine would have been one of the maps but I really like your little stitched one.

  2. Oh I'm liking these a lot! I've been thinking of experimenting with some old maps for a while. I love yours.

  3. I really love your idea of creating the outline of a city only with lines. Great work! :)
    Greetings from Mandel

  4. So many inchies again :-)
    Love your city maps.

  5. You are so multi talented! So many inchies and I struggled with one! I love the quilt on your blog header too!

  6. great little inchie and post.


  7. I love your inchies. They are so beautiful!!!!