Reemay continued

Well, I have added a few more bits to this piece and have now backed it with batting and have begun quilting. It is very fiddly but I never mind fiddly! However, as you can see from the closeups, looking so closely at this while I quilt REALLY shows how hard it is to cut  smoothly and how much practice I need ! I did get better as time went on but I need to finish the two yards of Reemay I ordered and maybe I will BEGIN to smooth out my shaky cutting. I did it with a hot knife and a little round, pointy end on my soldering iron. Practice, they say, saves milking time! I hope it improves hot knife cutting too!
The whole piece as it now stands. I found my #80 Superior topstitch needle was making big holes in the Reemay, so I dropped down to a # 60 needle. MUCH better!

Not too bad from a distance

Now you see the shakies!

Now you REALLY see the shakies! Gotta get hold of this soon . This is too interesting and has too much potential to have it messed up by incompetence.
As an added bit, I bought myself three pots of yellow primula yesterday. I LOVE spring flowers and I LOVE spring! When I got them home , my dear Husband asked if this were " the flowers I bought you THIS week?" I looked him in the eye and said, " Harrumph!" Anyway, they are gorgeous and now sitting in the front window even as we experience an Alberta Clipper! It is VERY pretty outside too so maybe some more pics later.

Gorgeous, eh? AND, the deep golden one with the dark eye smells heavenly! Mmmm! Love it!

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  1. The Reemay experiment is interesting! For me it is good looking - maybe a stii more close up photo would show that what you mention. However, for me - I like irregularities!