Could not decide!

Normally, I do not post pieces of work I have done from patterns designed by others than myself. However, I have just finished this little one ( except for binding) and I think some people may be interested in this technique. I use the technique myself in my own landscapes but I made this as a sample for a class and thought I would post it. It is the Man in the Moon and the design is by Susan Carlson from her book, Serendipity Quilts . It is a really nice little book, full of fun ideas, well explained and clearly illustrated.

The technique is simple and is basically a mosaic done with fabric. You need LOTS of small scraps . The pattern is enlarged from the book and then traced onto plain muslin . Then, you use glue or a gluestick to put the right piece of fabric in the proper place.The pieces are not totally glued, just tacked into place. VALUE is more important than colour here. Pay attention to the light and shade on the picture and govern yourself accordingly! The pieces are all cut freehand and are left with a raw edge. When you are satisfied that you have done your best, the whole piece is then layered with a piece of net or tulle in a colour that enhances the piece ( you just have to try them out- this net is black)

Then, you layer your quilt with batting and backing , pin nicely and quilt . On this one, I used invisible thread ( smoky) to do the basic shapes and the background swirls( outside the circle) . The face itself is done with coloured threads.

The Moon is a companion piece to the Sun Face I did from the same book earlier this year. This is unfinished in this picture. The face is still on the muslin before being cut out and put onto a background fabric. Both pieces are about 19 inches square.
Fun, yes??


  1. Very interesting technique and the result is beautiful!

  2. They're gorgeous. I don't sew well enough to quilt but I like the idea of it in paper.

  3. I love these. I have Susan's book but have not yet tried the technique.
    What are your plans for these?