Hairraising finish!

Benign morning sunrise on 14 Jan, 2011- very close to TN, KY border.

Parking lot at Wendy's, Geneva OH, later that evening! The snow was starting to mount up!

 We drove through fierce white outs, white-knuckled, as huge transport trucks hurtled past us, seemingly oblivious to the storm.
At long last, at Austinburg, OH, we took a hotel room for the night. The snow had eased  up by the time I took these pictures of the freshly plowed parking lot. The roads had not been plowed AT ALL! I was VERY glad to be inside, warm and dry at last.
The parking lot this morning (15 Jan) and brilliant blue sky. The gods seemed to be laughing at us all for our cowardice.
We headed back out onto the interstate this morning and the evergreens were PACKED with driven snow.
All along the highway until well after Erie, PA, the scenery was like a Russian fairytale! Magical, pure white, brilliant sky - and DRY ROADS- an American fairytale!

There IS, however, beauty in the bellow of the blast!  We thank heaven that we were alright and that we had a good sleep. Today's drive was a cakewalk.

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  1. Hi Carolynn, Thank you for your lovely comment on my little stitching. An occasion to visit your wonderful blog post with all the snow. I can feel with you because we are in our mountain house in France where snow is menacing all the time, but luckily enough not just now - we have the bluest possible sky and great sun but cold. Also here it can be fairytale like and wonderful.