Happy Christmas to all

I DO mean all. If you do not celebrate this particular holiday, the message is universal- Peace on Earth and Goodwill Among Men ( and WOMEN, of course!) so, regardless of your faith, I wish you HAPPY, Peaceful, Healthy and Safe, now and in the New Year.

I had my hand surgery yesterday-20 December. I am wrapped up, stiff, swollen, bruised and sore but I SHALL overcome!  I HOPE to be back dyeing and creating in the New Year but in the meantime, I wish you ALL, all the VERY BEST  at this joyous time. I pray that it may BE a joyous time instead of one filled with fear, hatred, and bigotry. It is a very tiny boat and we are ALL in it! We need to learn to live and let live, to help each other and to care for our beautiful little world.

As I have been unable to make my Art Quilts, I have been busy with the camera. Even that is hard today but I am trying!

We will have my Mum on Boxing Day for supper but that is all the festivities we have planned. We have had a very busy, tiring autumn. The great, joyful highlight was the safe arrival of our SECOND Miraculous Grandbaby, a boy, Martin Ramses Barry, 7 lb, 5 oz . He and our dear daughter are both well, happy and thriving. At his one month checkup, this lovely little bundle weighed 9 lb, 15 oz  and he has grown 2 inches in length! He's just beautiful and we are VERY happy, feeling extremely fortunate. For those who do not know the story, our daughter was told she'd never be able to have babies!!! She's ALWAYS been stubborn 😘 And , BTW, big brother, Oliver, LOVES his little bro!

Well, if I can figure out how to get some photos in here for you, I'll do that and again, wish you all the very best for Christmas  2016 and for the New Year.