Golden Inchies

Little golden spiral

 Happy New Year everyone . New Year, New Every Inchie Monday for 2012. Let's make it a really creative one .
I made these using grey embossed acrylic felt as a base . Then I fused gold hot transfer foil onto the felt for an interestingly textured substrate - and I sat beading them on Christmas eve while I watched lovely choral concerts on TV.

I hope and trust that you are all well and that you have survived the festive Season. I did, but barely. Now I need to walk a LOT to wear off all of that turkey.


  1. They are lovely - and very golden!

  2. Lovely to see your inchies! There is one hope during holiday season: It will pass...and oh wonder it passed!

  3. Happy New Year. You made a real firework.

  4. Nice to hear you are a walker too.
    You put a lot of work into those Golden inchies. Wonderful.