Gotta Get Rolling!

Enough with the Christmas break, already! I want to get back to work. Time's a -wasting! I did these two little experiments in burned felt in the summer and want very much to do some more - serious stuff! These two were just for fun. It has been very hard to get good picures of them because of the sparkles but I think these are ok.

This is a little out of focus but I think you can see what it is . Burned and stitched acrylic felt , beaded, with Angelina fibres and melted Tyvek beads.

The whole piece

Just the centre

This is SO much fun to do. I have several more bits started but really want to do a serious piece - carefully. This is burned acrylic felt too, lots of beads and sequins mounted on silver foil organza and bits of old lace.


  1. The center of the bottom piece is really attractive. Great job!

  2. I really wish I could see these works for real. I have this strong suspicion that I would like them very much and that the photos don't do them real justice even though the pics are lovely. It sounds too like you made some terrible smells with that burning.

  3. Ok, I'm intrigued. What did you burn it with?
    They look so fragile and elegant.