Making some progress

OK, I actually HAVE a WIP!! I am working hard on finishing the new piece, Wire Fence I. It is called Wire fence I because there will also be a # 2 and possibly more but this is definitely enough to be getting on with just now. I am working from photos I took on a drive by last fall when the wild grapes were ripe and the Virginia Creeper was at its most flamboyant! I have a nice little collection to work from so here is number one to date.

Partly finished this stage. MANY stages to go!
I normally like Steam a Seam II Lite for my work but , sadly, SAS is not available just now so I am using EZ Steam . It works. It is sticky so it stays put nicely without heat till you are sure, but Steam a Seam, IT IS NOT!!! For one thing, it is just TOO sticky when you are doing something complex like this. It sticks to me, to itself and is generally a huge nuisance. COME BACK STEAM A SEAM!!

I am going to post this to the I haven't much to show but a few people have been following this piece's progress , so here you are. Hope you enjoy it and the other posts on TNTN. 

Of All Things

Well, of SOME  things, anyway! It is cold, windy and snowy- generally inhospitable , so we are inundated by hungry, furry and feathered friends here.
Pity the photos have to be so small. Ohh! I can enlarge them :-)

Almost every Cardinal in the valley is here ! What is the collective noun for Cardinals??

And one of only TWO grey squirrels. We have many many black ones - and they are ALL ravenous.

I have started on a new piece of work. It is based on one of a series of photos I took late last fall of Virginia Creeper on a wire fence in Waterdown. I also took a number of pics of wild grape on the same fence. I just LOVE the photos. Hope I can do them justice. This is not very far along so it looks pretty silly at this point.

This is NOT doctored! The fruit WAS that blue and the leaves and twigs WERE that red! 
...And here we are to date. Lost the light now so I shall wait till morning to do some more.
OK, I guess that accounts for the weekend. We have both been busy. My DH has been carpenting for me all weekend- almost finished now , and I have been cutting and sticking and finishing up after the carpenter has finished his work. We are rarely at loose ends looking for something to keep us busy here.

Hope your weekend has been productive - and safe and warm. SO many people have had accidents . Please keep safe and keep warm and dry.

Bag done and new venture!!!

Well, that Little Boy can arrive any time now and there will be a nice place to keep some diapers etc when he is "out and about"! The bag AND the changing pad are fini! Yay, Me :-)
The finished bag- closed up!

And the "business side" of the changing pad OPENED up!

The fun big grommets

The pad in a pocket

The bound and finished pad. It stays so nicely folded when not in use.
All we need now is a baby to use the bag. Soon enough , I expect. As of tomorrow, six weeks to go. This has been a diversion and a fun job to do. I have one more bag to make - for ME this time. I have some fabulous fabric which shall be unveiled eventually - once I get a few other things out of the way. BTW- I do NOT plan on a career change- from Fibre Art to Bag Making !!

Now- you may have wondered about the frenzy of work before Christmas- several biggish, major pieces of new work in a short time. Well, I am making an unofficial announcement , more info soon. Late last summer, I was honoured to be invited to participate in a small group show at the Homer Watson House and Gallery which will take place later this spring. I am one of four Fibre Artists who have been asked to take part. The others in the group are Marg Notar ( also a SAQA member), Joanne Young and Carol McLean. The other three are all Kitchener- Waterloo artists and I am a "foreigner" from Burlington . I am really thrilled to be involved with this . I have shown my work often in the past- watercolours and batik, but the quilts have never really been seen publicly. As I have no samples of the other women's work and as I do not know what their parts of the show are to be called, I will wait to make a more formal announcement . My part will be called Passions- because it will include pieces from my nature collection and from my Kintyre (Scotland) collection, two things about which I feel passionately. I will announce dates later and will issue a more formal invitation to any and all of you who are able to attend. It would be grand to meet some of you face to face.

I guess that is all the excitement for this post :-) I am posting this to the and hope that you will join me there to see all of the interesting work going on just now. Marg, Joanne and Carol's entries in this year's Grand National can be seen here by clicking on Local Colour at the bottom of the page. Hope this works! Grand National Quilt Show 2013

A Diaper Bag :-)

I have stopped doing art in order to make a diaper bag for this VERY active babe who is about to join our family :-) He is currently giving his Mum no peace and , as a result, I get lots of iMessages almost every day giving us a blow by blow description of the goings on! We are all very happy and excited. Seven weeks to go as of today. I never would have believed it possible! God DOES work in mysterious ways- and we are SO grateful!

I made a prototype bag before Christmas as some may recall. ( see Diaper Bag) Katherine and I worked together to decide where and how many pockets would be good. She chose the fabrics and I am making the bag- from an Indygo Junction pattern called Grids and Grommets. It is a great bag.

We decided to amend the original pattern and to add outside pockets to it as well as bigger ones inside. I have finished the outside bag body and have the front and back pockets on.
Here is one side with a big single pocket. I put a paper in so you could see it a bit more easily.

And here is the other side with a double pocket.

The sides fold in eventually. I made a pleat at the bottom of each pocket and gathered the top edges with a bit of elastic to keep the pockets from flopping open too much. Before I go much further, I intend to make bar tacks at the vulnerable corners to keep the pockets from pulling away with use.

I have the pockets on  the lining now and am about to sew up the side seams, make the squared bottom and put the band along the top edge. NB: This is NOT shaping up to be a "pink or blue" baby! So far, it appears that he will get lots of stimulation from all sorts of bright, cheerful colours. Please stay tuned for the finished product- soon, I hope, as I have another exciting project on the go which I shall announce soon :-)
See what I mean! Not subtle colours. This is the big single pocket and the split one is on the other side. 

Poppies done and dusted!

Closeup of the finished stitching

The finished piece
Well, I did get my Poppies sent off to SAQA last week and now, I am in "baby mode" for  brief time , making a diaper bag. Once that is finished, we will check all of my quilts for proper hangers and make new ones where needed. I have one more piece I am dying to make before the babe is due ( early March!!) I hope I can manage that.

Today is my birthday so we have some plans- well, apparently SOME of us do :-) One thing we are doing is going to the Apple Store to the Genius Bar to ask a few questions and after that... who knows!! It is looking like it MIGHT be a little sunny today  which would be nice. I have not checked the temperature but  we have had a very mild weekend and lots of ice melted but I think it is cold again today. There is a Carolina Wren serenading me from the back garden as if he thinks it is spring. Silly, dear little bird!

I am going to post this to the when the time comes. Not a lot for me to post today but this piece is finished and mailed away. Have a grand Tuesday and enjoy TNTN.

Glowing poppies

No, not GROWING! Glowing Poppies! I took this photo ages ago, just one of those happy accidents . The poppies were really red but in this particular light, they glowed golden orange to scarlet and the background turned out very nicely. I am finally making some progress on it. Good thing, as it is due in Houston TX by 31 January for the SAQA trunk show. So far, so good!

Here is my little photo. LOVE this picture!
I painted silk Habotai for the background using Dye Na Flow paints. It seems to have worked pretty well- VERY well, actually. I want the two main poppies to be very crisp and in focus and the background  to be watery and soft.
Here are my two poppies and part of the background ready to fuse.
I am using hand dyed cotton for the two poppies but apart from the green stems and buds which will also be cotton, the rest of the red/orange mushy poppies in the background are being made with translucent fabrics over the painted silk. I have fused polyester chiffon for some of the bits at the top left and down the right side. The two fairly distinct poppies are going to be made of silk chiffon painted loosely with Dye Na Flow.
Two painted gloppy poppies ready to be made fusible and then cut and pasted.
I did not know how well the translucent fabrics would be with fusible material on the back. I have used Misty Fuse ( white) and it is fine- nicely transparent. Not much of this is fastened down yet, but it soon will be . If I have more done before before it is time to post this to WIP Wednesday, I shall add to the post. I am going to post this to the Hope you will check out the rest of the posts there. ALWAYS something interesting to see there!

Well, I HAVE made some progress , so here are the latest pictures. Hope you enjoy them . I SHALL post to TNTN , as promised :-)

The bottom poppy
The top poppy

Here is the finished piece so far. It WILL eventually be 7" x 10" when I send it to SAQA. Right now, it is just a bit larger
to allow for quilting and facing.

And now, I post!! Enjoy.