Show's over, Folks!


The Trunk Show is finished and if I say so myself, finished successfully :-) I was very pleased and my audience seemed pleased as well. I showed 35 quilts and spoke on the age old question, "where do you get your ideas??" Here is the clutter STILL on the dining room table, waiting to be packed up and put away.

 Just a sampling of the top layer. You have seen them all but it does make a colourful start to my post this week!

 I have been preparing for today for a long time. This is F day!! FINGER Day- I HOPE!!! My appointment is at 12:15 PM and I hope Dr G is in top form today and that he sees fit to Fix the aforementioned finger!!!

 In the meantime, I have been taking a LOT of pretty cool photos because I cannot cut fabric right now. We went out looking for good Ontario Farms yesterday. It was a beautiful day and we were out all afternoon- 136 km, I think DH told me! He IS a good and patient man.  Here is a sampling...
A lovely long line of mature maples marks this farm lane. For folks who've never visited Ontario, this is a VERY typical look.

Corn ( fodder and/or for Ethanol) is EVERYWHERE. 

I LOVE the "corduroy" rows of crops!

More Corduroy corn rows.

A clump of wild sunflowers whose particular name I do not know but what a jolly sight!

Guess where THIS is headed when it grows up???

And as many ripening soybean fields as cornfields. The beautiful pale copper of ripe soybeans is not quite here yet!

A gorgeous protected turtle pond we pass frequently. There is a n old log, partly submerged in the mud where I have often seen MANY turtles of varying sizes sitting in the sun . There were TWO today but by the time I got the camera set up, BOTH had quietly slipped into the water :-(

And once again, Guess What THIS is heading for?? Have I mentioned how much I love fences and fenceposts ;-)
Well, folks, soon time to make lunch and be off to the hospital so I will post this now and set it up for the for later this afternoon. There is some interesting stuff on my Flickr this week too if you are interested. Carolynn McMillan on Flickr in google will get to it.  Enjoy TNTN and this post ( I hope) and take care.

Trunk Show

I have the Trunk Show all organized and ready to go! Always a big job but I DO love "preaching the Fibre Art Gospel"! I have 33 quilts all numbered and in order and I am speaking on Inspiration and Motivation. How many times have YOU been asked, "where do you get your ideas from?" Man! Ideas are the least of my problems :-) I feel very fortunate to almost never run out of inspiration. I am so glad of my camera and so VERY glad that I seem to have an eye for something that would make an interesting quilt. As I have been working through my photos and taking new ones too, I realize that I have a number that COULD make very cool little quilts- kind of abstract ones. Abstract is rarely "my thing" . Non objective almost NEVER is. Look what I have found as I have been editing...
Water droplets on a Smokebush Leaf

Berberis in the Rain

Torn- or CHEWED edge of a Heuchera Leaf

Macro of a Heuchera bloom

Salsify Seed 

and another...

and another!

Lots of Reflections

Perilla Leaves 

And some more- different treatment

Poppy closeup

Smokebush Leaves - I have many shots 

Coneflower centre

Part of a daylily

More of a daylily
Serviceberry leaves 
And more Serviceberry

And one last Smokebush shot- MANY more will come as the season progresses.
Now, I certainly will NOT use all of these and the ones I DO use may be somewhat altered from what you see here. This is only a smattering. I just do NOT run out of inspiration. What I DO run out of is time and energy- and coordination in my silly right, son to be fixed- I HOPE hand!!!!!

I had planned to post this LAST week on TNTN but didn't find the time so here it is now and I have new stuff for this week. HOPING to have my hand fixed at noon today! Stay tuned!

Hah! I believe that as there are not too many posts this week, I SHALL post this to the It says some things I really wanted to say so, please forgive, but here is last week's unposed TNTN post! Enjoy??