One done.. ready to start afresh

My Colchicum watercolour- half sheet of Winsor and Newton 140 lb NOT paper and mainly WN watercolours..
Here we are -- fini  with the Colchicum painting. Sadly, this is not very brilliant. I am not sure why, maybe just the copy I chose. In reality, it is GLOWING and I was very pleased about that. Now, I am at a painting crossroads! Where to go next??

I have two potential subjects and SHALL, eventually, paint both I expect. I have stretched two pieces of WC paper today and they are drying now. They won't be useable for a couple of days.

The next subject will be either....
I did the original photo in a corn field in Wiltshire England way back in 1966 on our honeymoon but LOVE the pic so much that I had to make a quilt--TWO actually. This is the BIG one, Called Poppies Aglow II but I also did a tiny prototype, 7"x10" called Poppies Aglow. It is now part of the permanent collection of the National Quilt Museum in Paducah KY!
Common old Chicory ... like little bits of sky fell to earth. I love it. I have watercoloured it before, long ago as a botanical painting but want to do it as a full painting with background and everything
So... what to choose, what to choose?  I want to do BOTH but THINK I am leaning toward the Poppies- get them out of my head! Do you ever have that problem? Things get in there and nothing will do but I answer the call and just DO IT!!!

Yesterday, I stretched my papers, half sheet for chicory and full sheet for the poppies. So , just tape the papers down and then gently grid them appropriately...CHOOSE only ONE subject and DRAW!! Stay tuned.

BTW, I hope and trust that you are all cheering Spring on! If not.. WHY not!  Cheers for the moment. be creative!

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