Some beading on the reemay

I started some of the edge quilting and continued with beading today. I am happy so far but really have to decide what to do with this in the end. I am thinking a pillowcase turned edge - no border. If you look closely though, you will see that this is not too square and I have some beads that will need removing while I sew the edge. That is called, ""PLAN AHEAD, EEJIT!" However, I was not expecting this to be as happy an outcome as it is becoming. Anyway, here it is - to date!
the centre beaded

one corner- beads are too close to the edge!

centre and one side beaded- mostly

The whole thing in a poor picture as it was draped over a cushion , so hard to get a good focus. You get the idea!

OK, tomorrow, onward ! If you have any great ideas for finishing, let me be thie first to know- PLEASE!


  1. I simply must see a magnifying glass closeup - I would like to see the beads ....

  2. Magnifique travail! Nice colors and design

    1. Merci beaucoup, Cecile ! Thanks. I enjoy tour work so very much