Monday, 27 February 2012

Mirror Inchies

The mirrored image

The Mirrored, mirrored image. Note the reflection of the camera lens!

The mirror, symbol of woman in science and history. Should we be flattered or frustrated?

The reflected image has been fascinating to mankind forever. This is one of the symbols carved on the kerbstones of Knowth Burial Chamber in Ireland.
Some mirror inchies for this week- Remember Alice and the Looking Glass? If I had been making "Footies" instead of Inchies , I would have done some Alice Mirror Inchies. Not QUITE enough space in a square inch!


  1. Those are great. I specially like the mirror faces (that has the reflection in it).

  2. Lovely again. Impressive what you come up with!

  3. What you do in one square inch just blows my mind!

  4. Great minds think alike I guess! Good ones - especially using the cut outs...and the camera lens.

  5. Great creations! Love all your 'mirrors'!

  6. Ha! Yes, an inchie can be restrictive when the mind starts to work. These are wonderful.