The Reemay project- still seeking a title!
Well, I have finished it, all bound and with a hanging sleeve on the back. I finished the beading of the edges last night. This was a new venture and I learned a LOT. I even used my own hand dyed fabric to bind it. Quite a satisfying experience all round. Next? Well, I have some other things that need doing right now but my next step in THIS department, is to work on more subtle colours with the dyes and to really improve my hot knife cutting of the Reemay.
More close ups for the Sketchbook Challenge. I need better subjects and less wiggle in my pencil.

Part of a book cover. Look, Ma! No rulers!!

Still no ruler :-(
These are just done with pen and pencil crayon. Not sure how this little sketchbook would take paint - and I guess , now that I think on it, I have given my watercolours to my daughter - who will make much better use of them now.

Well, in theory, I should be getting dressed and getting on with my day.It is beautifully sunny and bright here and a walk beckons. Spring is upon us. I wonder how long this will last?

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