Monday, 13 February 2012

Glow Inchies

Glows inspire warmth, comfort, romance, awe when we see and feel them. Here are a few I thought of...
Glowing Super Nova, long past but still visible in all its glory.

Could be the glowing centre of our earth

On sultry July evenings, romance is in the air when Fireflies glow in the dark

Renaissance angels with glowing haloes

Byzantine saints with ornamented golden glowing haloes to inspire reverence


  1. I love the firefly - and your Byzantine saint. Nice interpretations, as usual.

  2. "Glow little glow worm..." It's an old song - the Mills Brothers.
    Once again you have taken the word and run with it. I love to see the different interpretations.

  3. Wow, lots of glowing inchies. You've been busy.

  4. Wonderful glow inchies. I love the different inspirations.