Bubble and Squeek

All pinned and ready to quilt! This may still get trimmed a little on the left hand side but otherwise, challenge met! I will Bag and Board the back so I can hang it on a cockeyed angle . Bag and Board is an invention of mine and my husband's. We think we are brilliant but I imagine big quilting societies would frown on the practice. However, it allows you to hang ANY shape so it falls squarely, the way you want it to. If there is anyone who wants the instructions, let me know and I shall either post them or email them to you.


  1. Of course it is me who is interested to know something about this genius invention. I made a quilt without straight borders. So dh made a complicated construction.
    And hello and good afternoon

  2. I am always looking for better ways to hang these quilts and I do like wonky. I'd be much obliged. Thanks