Dream Inchies

Impractical, for sure, but castles in the air are a great exercise in creativity. We love to think up airy-fairy ideas that make us smile but will rarely, if ever , come to fruition.

The dream of finding true love is surely common around the world.
Dreams of accumulating wealth are very common. How many people buy Lottery tickets!!

Flights of fancy of all sorts. What is yours?

Our First Nations people have a grand idea in their Dream Catchers. Hold onto the good ones but let the bad ones go- or is it intended to catch the bad ones and thus protect us from them?

Who does not sometimes dream of stardom and of seeing one's name in lights?
What do YOU dream of? Everyone has special and specific dreams but there are so many dreams that are common to all of us. Dare to Dream!


  1. I love the angel wings and the dream catcher.
    You have great dreams!

  2. My favourite is the castle. I have always loved watching Robin Hood, Princess Bride and I am smitten with Downton Abbey which features Highclere Castle.

  3. Such creative Dream Inchies - love the flight of fancy!

  4. So many nice dreams. I love the dream catcher inchie.

  5. Wonderful dreams - mine are like that as. well. The dream catcher is very. very. nice. The airy castle is my preferred dream and I love your colours!

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  7. You know what pleases me no end ? The fact that NOBODY has said they love the $$ Inchie! Yay! Well done all. You are MY kind of people!!