Quilted - mostly!

You can really see the silvery inner border here because of the wrinkles.

The towers just got a touch of shimmer down the lighter side.

The sheep got their backs silvered a little. The actually DO get shimmery from the moisture some days.

Just for special people!!- Sheepses:-)
Here it is, quilted inside the border. The pictures are not great because it is a gloomy afternoon and I had the piece pinned onto too small a board, so it wrinkled . Anyway, I THINK I am happy. I like the effect of the silver thread. I used some invisible and a bit of darker green for the shadows under the sheepses. I do like the way the colours turned out. On the day this was taken, we had cool , damp mist and everything was milky and pale. Nice atmosphere. I love fog but this was just mist.


  1. Those sheep are lovely. (I like sheep)

  2. Oh, the sheepses, the sheepses!! I understand and thank you. Your quilting is very good. The shadow under the sheep is special and effectful and their backs are looking so woolly. I love the legs of the sheep, and my favorite is the front one. I am opening the photo on my Ipod (bigger picture) and I see how you came up the towers with the tread, good. so well done and I understand that you are happy and satisfied.