Sketchbook Challenge for February

Hydrangea florets

...and some more...

...and a couple more!
I am not madly keen on large flowers, generally so when I find a large one made up of small ones...! Anyway, these are from closeup photos of individual florets on large flowered hydrangeas. I have some other pictures I took of dead, dried up ones too which I may tackle next. I have not done too much closeup this week , but I have been in my sketchbook every day. Here are a few examples. The Zentangles ARE helping. My hand is much better behaved now and I can tell it what to do, and mostly- it does as it is bidden!
You see, I am a Capricorn, which, in my case, means I am a January baby. Remember the theme from January? Doodling!! I LOVE to doodle. I love to draw seriously too but I LOVE doodling!

A whole page of doodles

These Tangles are really captivating!

I keep telling myself it is therapy for my hand- yeah! THERAPY for my HAND ! The head is happy too:-)
I will try to do some serious drawing next week - maybe those dead, dry hydrangea heads.

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