Sketchbook Challenge for February

So, do you think I am hooked on Zentangles? Talk about close up! I have been up close and personal with my sketchbook and have filled many many pages with these Zenny, Zany Doodles! I HAVE actuall sketched a couple of things, but ZT's have been my passion!

I played with some Primula blooms and also with a VERY dessicated hydrangea head.


  1. I see you are into the Sketchbook Challenge. I did a couple and then fell off. I like to do zentangles too. Yours are beautiful and it does look like you are hooked!

  2. I am absolutely in awe of your zentagles - they are wonderful -unbelievably beautiful. You are so talented! One can see that it is your passion. I am so delighted to have seen it.

  3. I adore your zentangles. I may have to locate said sketchbook challenge. I haven't sketched anything but quilts and clothing for years, but once upon a time my mendhi designs were complicated and lovely like your drawings. I wonder if there's a way to incorporated my mendhi designs with FMQ? New idea....must run with it.... Thanks for listening, and thanks for being inspirational.