As requested!

Some of the border quilting.

Beading in the centre

These are some og the little beads I am going to use around the green border.

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Another corner quilted. This shows the beads pretty well.

This is all finished now. I should have waited to take the pictures!!!
I have been asked to show some photos of the beading on the Reemay project. Here they are. They are all small beads, scattered loosely over the whole piece. The border will have some beading too but I have not gotten that far yet. I did finish the quilting of the border and the beading of the centre tonight.Tomorrow, hopefully I will back this little piece.


  1. That's it, Carolynn, perfect - thank you for taking the trouble to take photos.
    It is lovely to see all the details, the quilting lines and the beads. The photos are so good and all your readers will enjoy them as much as I do. Each single photo is a piece of art. A treat to look at them.

    1. Thanks, Anneliese! I was hoping you would see them. Almost finished now!!

  2. oh, this is just fabulous. Thanks for showing the details. Makes me SIGH!

  3. It is so pretty. I just wouldn't have the patience.