Quilting Putechan

The quilting has begun ! I HOPE I am happy with what I am doing. I tried overlays and they just did not work, so, instead I am doing a lot of my quilting in silver metallic thread by Superior. It is gorgeous thread and I HOPE the shimmer will create the desired effect.

The shape and the structure of Putechan is very distinctive and , although I have not shown the whole of the cemetery, the McAlister plot is the most striking part. Many details are missing, just like the details that have worn off the headstones over the years. All I wanted was the impression of the site. I wanted the past to show, worn and misty but still evident. The present is somewhat clearer as evidenced by the sheep in the foreground. Individuals come and go but there will ALWAYS be sheep in Scotland.

Pictures will follow, maybe later today but this is my rationale to date.

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