Flyer Inchies

Wouldn't we all LOVE to be able to fly! I have often thought about that and then decided, looking at some of the things that DO fly, maybe to be grounded is ok after all. Birds get to eat worms! Bees get covered by dusty, sticky pollen and die when they get ticked off enough to show their anger. Clouds are ephemeral- dry the air out and - poof! You are toast! I'll stick with my feet of clay and be happy watching flyers instead of joining them.
Beautiful, but short lived :-(

How about those electrical wires?

Dynamite gourmet meals of mosquito larvae!

Pretty jolly, but one sharp object... and then!!! Eventually your shape changes as you gradually lose your air!

Here is a dude with the right idea. Just PRETEND to fly!

Happy fun till the wind drops or your string breaks.
Many life lessons contained herein. Never mind. Fly in your mind and enjoy the view. It really IS a grand life here on terra firma :-)


  1. Oh those are brilliant! You came up with some many great ideas. I'm afraid I got jammed on butterflies and birds. I love the kites. And wonderful to see old Snoopy there!

  2. I enjoy the view! Really wonderful inchies. I am smiling about Snoopy :-)
    Have a nice week

  3. Great inchies - depicting many possibilities and yes nSnoopy is a great idea!

  4. I don't mind flying - especially if it's to see someone special but I truly do like terra firma. I've said so for years. I don't think I would ever take a cruise.

  5. Amazing!!!!!! They are so great!