The Zentangle beast

I have been quilting the background of this little piece - having a ball! I did a little bit of bobbin work on the curlicues at the end of the spikes. It is ok, but I need to speak to my Guru to get the tensions adjusted properly. The quilting is ALMOST finished and I still like this piece. It is abnormal for me, but maybe I am growing ? I am less fearful now of trying wild and crazy things than I used to be. This one just grew out of my head :-)( shows the state of my head, doesn't it!!)
Just showing the background quilting


Bobbin work on the curlicues

Too bad it is cropped so much. I will get a better one next time but this is as far as I have gotten to date. I HOPE to finish the quilting tonight.


  1. I'm thinking your head is just where it should be! Great work.

  2. Oh my goodness! What alot of work there is in this!

  3. I need to get more adventurous with my quilting!