A new experiment

My original drawing coloured with pencil crayons
I am at it again ! Still playing with reemay. This time, I have actually followed the directions given by Betty Busby. I painted the reemay, ironed it to shrink it slightly then fused Trans Web onto the back side of it. That part is now set aside while I transfer my drawing onto the back of the reemay using my light table. Once that is done, the reemay will be pinned back onto the little wooden frame for burning. I plan to burn it so that the lines end up a  bit wider than they are in the coloured drawing. I want the intricacy of the drawn shape but more reemay to show off the colour transitions. Wish me luck. I am also trying to shake out of the conservative use of colour that seems to be me at the moment! I have said before that I am a colour junkie, but lately, you would never know it. Maybe I am in my pastel period!!
Black and white , enlarged photocopy of my drawing

The painted reemay
Wish me luck.

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  1. Pastel has its good points. lol I do like this new colouring and shape.