I decided, after much anguish, that I did NOT like the way I had finished the Urchin, so, one last time, here he is FINISHED!! No more tweaks. I am done!  Fini!
Remounted and FINI
I also added some little metal beads to the bare, empty spots to suggest sand grains. These are gorgeous little beads, faceted pewtery coloured and very sparkly in a delicate sort of way, given to me by a very kind friend!
Little metal faceted beads added to the bare spots and out onto the binding

Bottom left hand corner
I am a MUCH happier camper :-)


  1. Oh so lovely! Gee I'm sorry I'm late. I haven't had a chance to look through last week's links until now. This piece is so delicate and intricate ; )
    Thank you for linking to TN&TN

  2. Me too.. I only drop by from time to time and mostly when I post something up myself... shameful isn't' it.
    But this one had my attention straight away. i seem to love your work. Yep! I do. May I show my students your burnt images... that is images of burning and hand stitching, they will love them.

  3. Nice finish. The beads are gorgeous and I like how they spill into the outer edge.