Dance Inchies

At our house,Highland Dancing was front and centre for many years. Velvet, tartan and lace was the order of the day....and, NO, this is NOT our tartan!

For me , it was tutus and roses and sequins. Divine!!

So many little girls dream of becoming ballerinas.

Life IS a dance! Let yourself go.

Hours of practice. Sore, bleeding toes. GREAT satisfaction

Express yourself with abandon!
Life is a sort of dance. Express yourself well in your dance. Enjoy it all and, as the saying goes, " dance like there is no one watching"! Good advice.


  1. Your inchies are speaking to my heart!

  2. I adore your highland fling! What a great way to interpret the word. Love it! (and the tutu)

  3. I love your textile inchies. And yes, when I was girl I have been in a ballet group. I first thought of making an inchie with ballet shoes but I didn't know how to do it. So I am happy to see them here.

  4. You've covered the Inchie 'dance' theme very beautifully!

  5. Your Inchies are fabulous! Love the ballerina shoes.

    I've been swamped at work but I'm all caught up now and put my Inchies on my blog.

  6. Never had dance lessons. My son and his wife have taken up swing dancing and they have a recital on Sat. Should be interesting.
    Wonderful inchies yet again.