More Reemay!

The start of a new project. This is a piece of Reemay painted with Setacolor and Lumiere paints.It takes a LONG time to dry so I did it before drawing the pattern I wanted.

My pattern drawn roughly with a little detail onto a piece of freezer paper

The pattern has been taped upside down onto my lovely light box and the light turned on

Now the Reemay has been turned upside down and taped onto the freezer paper and the lines traced.

Pattern all traced in a fine , permanent marker onto the Reemay. Now I am ready to burn the pattern into the Reemay.

Nice little "monoprint" on the Reemay. I saw it on my craft sheet when I lifted the wet Reemay so I just carefully dropped it back onto the blobs of paint and, voila! Love the effect , but , alas when I burn the pattern , much of it will be lost. I will remember how pretty it was though!

All of the little holes have been burned into the Reemay.

The right side has to be tidied up to get rid of the " hanging chads"! Remember them???

This is the wrong side all ready to burn the bigger bits.

Now, I numbered the holes on the pattern....

....and numbered the Reemay holes to match .( stay tuned!)

Starting to remove the bigger pieces.

All finished with the major burning/cutting.

Wrong side again, all done!

Well , folks, this has been a labour of love! That's a lotta burning! On the whole, I am pleased so far. "What the heck is it ?", I hear you cry! It is a fanciful rendering of the fossilized skeleton of an ancient echinoderm, a Sea Urchin!
Next step, dye and /or paint an under layer which I shall quilt before adding the Reemay layer back on top. Enough for one day, I think!


  1. My goodness, Carolynn, nothing like a simple pattern. But it is indeed gorgeous. The light from behind is exquisite!

  2. Love what you are working on now. What is Reemay and there are not too many fumes when you burn it? Arlene