Urchin continuing

The piece of cotton I dyed. I like the colour intensity and am going to iron the cotton and try to find the perfect place on the cotton to use for my background. I do like the gradation of colour!

Same thing, different shot .
I am finished all of the burning and cutting and now need to decide where to go and what I want from here. The little centres of the spots where the spines attach on the urchin are so beautiful and I want that 3D , textured look. What colour should the background be? I had thought of using some silk and dyeing it but I have a piece of nice fine cotton I did a couple of weeks ago that I kind of like. I want enough contrast behind the open holes to let them "talk". I DID try this on a piece of plain white Dupioni silk. Pretty, but it did not really say much. So, here is the tentative plan. Remember I said to stay tuned re: the centres of the holes? Well, I have been experimenting. I cut them smaller than they were when I removed them from the main piece, but now, I think I shall make them smaller again , just the very centre of each cut out hole and shade them with pencil crayon to make them more three dimensional. Before I attach them to the background, I plan to do some stitching in the holes to add texture and then attach the hole centres. Each little section has a wee hole right in the middle so when I am all done , I will add a bead to each centre. I have some gorgeous ones that are pinky, iridescent, goldy- perfect colour and large enough to make a little statement. That is the plan....Now, let us see how that goes. Here are a few trial pics to see what things look like so far.
Just playing around with pencil crayons to see what the finished piece may look like. The paper pattern  a little off now as I improvised in a few spots as I cut.I

Same as above but the mask has been shifted a little

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