Step Inchies

"One small step for a man. One giant leap for mankind!" Remember that? Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon for the very first time and we all watched- MILLIONS of us. Then, eons ago, a single humanoid ancestor strolled along a muddy stream bank and left an imprint there for all time when the mud dried and the print became fossilized. He left us a tiny peek into his barefoot world. We walk alone. We walk with friends. We are constantly climbing the steps of the ladder to success- or trying to. Take care where you step because your steps may be indelible and not all marked trails lead to happy endings.
One small step for a man. One giant leap for mankind.
Fossilized footprint of an early human ancestor
In our life, we really always walk alone

How lovely to walk with a little friend though!
On our climb up the ladder of success, be careful where and how you step. We will ALL be watching.

                                                      *PLEASE WATCH YOUR STEP*


  1. You are one very busy and creative lady. I like the idea of footsteps

  2. Vewry creative, indeed. I love the footprints, like a little child's ones and the staircase is good, too.

  3. These are wonderful. I love the way you find lots of interpretations of the weekly word. I specially like the ancient human one because I studied human evolution at Uni and it brought back some good memories of my time learning.

  4. I love these. My little grandson is not yet walking but soon. Baby feet are the best.

  5. Great steps. I love the footprints.