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Alien Entity!!

Alien Entity!
Look what this has morphed into over night!I have been adding these little spiky tentacles to some of my Zentangles and as this piece started out as a Zentangle... I like it!It may not have general appeal. The public at large may be a little freaked out, but I LIKE it! I was very glad that this piece of doll stocking striped fabric was big enough to do what I wanted. I am continuing with the quilting and thread painting and we shall see what befalls tonight :-)

Spikes on a serpent shape
Thinking of the Tomato Hornworm!

Little sea creatures
                                      You get the picture! My imagination is having a play day:-)
Later the same day. Started some quilting a la Zentangle.

Neat back side, eh!This is for Penny who loves backs- if she sees it!

...and another part of the back- just for fun. I like backs too.


  1. You're still within the sea theme. The first one looks like a sea anemone and the next one a sea horse. Is this intentional or has your beautiful sea urchin beguiled you?

  2. Definitely different and I must confess it jabs at my comfort zone. It is beautifully done and I can see the zentangle influence. I do very much like to see your back as that is very instructive.

  3. Here am at our "office" on Sunday! I love your first picture, of course, and very much so. It is so lively. First I thought it is on paper, but it is a quilt! Your Zen Tangles are very expert like and beautiful to look at. The sewn one!! How interesting that is. The hornworm!!! My goodness if it would not damage the tomatoes! "He" is so well made in its colors!
    I love your fine work!

  4. I love your zentangles. They look like science :-)

  5. Love your work just found you.