Garden Inchies

....and pretty maids, all in a row.

...a host of golden daffodils

...mille fiore

..pansies are for thoughts


...inch by inch, row by row...

...cherry blossom

Imaginary bloom

... yet another thought
If there is one thing that competes with my love of quilting and drawing, it is my love of gardening. I was out there today, "liberating" my hellebores. They are all in bloom but mired under a tangled mess of last year's leaves and the detritus of winter. I am WHACKED now, but the hellebores no longer blush unseen. They ARE lovely and so much is starting to come up in our garden now after a week of very mild weather. As a parting shot on the subject of gardens, here is a garden of Garden Inchies. Enjoy!!Go out and see what is growing in YOUR part of the world.


  1. Wonderful garden inchies. I love how you arranged them in a "quilt".

  2. I came along to have a short look at your refreshing garden inchies. I would love to see a photo of your hellebores!!!

  3. Ha! I got lucky this year. My family came over and somehow managed to get outside on Saturday (even though it wasn't all that nice) and cleaned up the whole backyard.
    Your nine inchies look wonderful displayed altogether and yes, just like a quilt.

  4. I wish we could grow hellebores.

  5. Amazing garden inchies. Love them all!!!!