Friend Inchies

A friend makes us smile

A friend is always there for us

Friends share a cuppa and comiserate or celebrate - or just share a cuppa

Friends care and help

Kudos and bouquets to our friends everywhere
Friends! We love our friends. Some of us cannot bear to be parted from them and we spend all day on Twitter and Facebook and phones keeping in touch. Others just know that a friend is ALWAYS available for a cry, a laugh, a rant, a celebration or just a hot cup of tea or coffee. We trust our friends. We rely on them.We would help them in any way we could and we know they would reciprocate. We should give our friends a hug and thank them more often- just for being there! Love you all :-)


  1. I love those cups of steaming tea (coffee?) That's friendship!

  2. Those are really nice! The first one is simple but clever!

  3. I always love your inchies. This time I love most the two girls and the two cups.

  4. Love those inchies...they still amaze me. And so love my friends too!