All done at last

The colour on this is a little bit off because it is taken indoors in the evening. If I can get truer colour tomorrow, I will change the photo. I guess I like it alright. I wish I had had a different fabric for the background but this is another piece of the same fabric as the backing for the Reemay , even though it looks different here. It is nice and chalky looking, very fossil-like which I like but maybe did not QUITE do what I was wanting it to do. On the whole though, I am happy.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous -- actually every step of the way it has been gorgeous. I've been following your steps. It's definitely a sea urchin design, but what will you do with it, or use it for. It is so beautiful it could be framed just as is.

  2. You have done a nice job. You should be happy. I think I like the first one the best though.