And still that Urchin

I have chosen a background from my hand dyed fabrics. I have decided on a treatment for the "holes" and I have done the stitching, and attached the background and the urchin mask and now, am working on beading the almost finished piece. Some photos of the continuing process.....
This looks messy but I was working out what I wanted to do with the "holes".

Chose a background fabric
The background fabric. I was planning to dye some silk for this but liked this piece. The fillins for the holes have been free motion stitched.

Mask and background attached to each other and free motion stitched

Detail of the stitching. I really like the fly stitch along the ribs. Stroke of genius!

This should be called "the story so far" but I am actually well past this - no pictures yet!


  1. Loving this :)!
    Stay inspired!

  2. Judt beautiful, Carolynn. I must see more. ,This is from my. iP from France.

  3. Carolynn, your work always inspire me :)