You must pay attention

Tiny things can escape our notice. That is a shame as in tiny things we often see some of the wonders of nature.On my walk yesterday I was photographing nature's round(ed) things and found this fellow lurking. I did not notice him until I edited the picture! Even macro shots sometimes don't reveal all of the secrets.

All of these trees have made interesting contributions to my round project. You COULD miss them but here they are . They are all round , though not perfect circles.

 Our street is covered in acorn caps in places. I do love the shape and texture of these little hats. The acorns themselves are a mess as a result of our many squirrels . They are also responsible for the dark brown stains all over the road from the squirrels having torn walnut husks off the nuts before burying them. When I was doing a lot of natural dyeing years ago, I used to try to make deals with the squirrels. I give them the nuts and they peel them for me . It never seemed to excite them somehow so we still have the dark stains on the roadand on the chins of the squirrels!

I am almost finished the Steampunk Crow and will post pics soon. He is not my original design but too much fun not to show everyone.Watch this space!

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