I wrote about the hummers before dinner but it did not show up so here we go again ! The hummingbirds have been busy today and I see by my Peterson guide that last year we had our last visit before winter on 23 September. Not far away now so I will keep close watch. They are so great to watch. I think our bay window is quite reflective as the little female seems to hang there in front of it like a vain little soul, admiring herself before sipping at the feeder. She also seems quite interested in what is happening inside the house! They will soon be gone and we shall miss them . We have had another very enjoyable summer watching them, male, female and a juvenile- male , I think.

The good news is that we have Jays back again now, raucous and ravenous. They are such clowns and so bold. Since West Nile devastated the population a few years back, we have seen them only rarely: (

Someone, likely a cat, has been eating cardinals, either young ones or females, judging by the colour of the feathers. It is not just moulting either, as , in some cases, bits of cardinal are still attached to clumps of feathers! I love cats but if I could catch one of these marauders, I would .....

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