What WERE we thinking ???

We have just spent the whole of this Sunday getting rid of stuff. Tomorrow morning is the last Ugly Pickup of this year so we have been culling the herd, so to speak. And what a herd! We must have half a ton of corrugated cardboard boxes cut up, wrapped and stacked by the street. I was tossing scrap metal things and by the time I took a second load out, the junk collector was just leaving so I asked if he wanted the rest and he kindly waited till I brought the rest upstairs. He might put his first two children through Uni by selling this lot on the scrap metal market . Now I am tired but we still have to put the yard waste and the rest of the garbage out. We usually have very little garbage, but this week was a bonanza.

No creativity today - so far : ( day ain't over yet though : )

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