At it again !

I am collecting round things for a new project. Earlier in the week, I collected manmade things on my walk. Last night, I began looking for the "round things" made by bature. Naturally, nature wins the beauty contest.

Not all of them are equally pretty . The tarspot fungus that currently "decorates" our maple trees is something I could do without, but it is made by nature and it is round-ish! I tooklots more pics but this is all I have edited. More to follow, no doubt.

That tiny puffball is slightly out of focus. I MUST redo it because it was snapped at the end of my walk when I was very hot and very tired. It is only about 1/3 of an inch in diameter and it is sitting right on the roadside. Stunning little thing! It is pouring rain today so I will have to wait to retake the picture. Hope it survives.

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