Gorgeous day

Sunny, blowy and very cool today - unless you were working in the still hot sun. We did! We cleared out all of the dead grass, crabgrass and knotweed which bordered the lawn where it meets the pavement at the front of the house. Now we are both completely knackered, but pleased with our work.

That Steampunk Crow now has his very cool necklace and a hat( unfinished) and he has eyes and has been sprayed with fixative. He looks VERY cool as you can see . They are nasty photos and an even nastier setting ( on top of the stove drying!) but you get the rough idea. Cannot wait to get the propellers for his hat and the gears etc for his decoration. The next job is his flying helmet. Those of you who followed " 'allo, 'allo" will know what I mean when I say he will NOT be having any wet celery : )

Continuing in my Bird Period, I did some textural embroidery on the Oyster catcher last night as my man watched Rugby- Canada vs Tonga and we won!!! OC is coming along but slowly. He needs a more solid spot to stand on and that is holding me up. To paint? To do heavier embroidery? To applique a bit of transparent blackish stuff? Dunno. Stay tuned .

Right now, I must needs eat. I have worked very hard today.

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