Steampunk Crow !

Pictures to follow, but I am almost finished the body of my Steampunk Crow! He is from a pattern by Frowning Francis and he is "to die for" , as they say. He is almost life sized and will be great fun when he is finally finished. I am still awaiting some decorative bits and bobs and today, we are off searching for picture corners, jump rings, head pins and such - not really my baileywick but improtant for the crow. This will eventually belong to my darling daughter , whose sense of humour is as bent as mine, if not more : ) God bless her!

This must be my Bird Period. I am still working on the Oyster Catcher. The background is nearing completion and now I have to decide what to do with the birs. I am thinking of quilting him to a piece of batting , embroidering some parts of him - wing feathers , eye etc, and then appliqueing him to the appropriate spot on the background. in theory, this would raise him slightly above the background, giving him an important spot to live.

Beautiful cool sunny morning here today. My walk last night was much better than Monday night- nice and cool and blowy.

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