All the guys!

The picture is a quilt I made - not finished yet - created by copying drawings made by my darling preschool daughter . She LOVED and still LOVES to draw. I could not just store those wonderful little drawings and have them languish unseen in a box in the basement. They deserve public exposure. Children's art is so beautiful and so very very honest! There is no pretense. They just draw what they see AND sometimes, what they think. My very favourite of all of the panels in this quilt is the pair of Happy Dancing Yaks !!! Can you find it? Who does not love Happy Dancing Yaks? Who would not have one for a pet if he could , or, if not, maybe just draw some pictures to remember them by. I can honestly nd proudly say that the girl who drew these fabulous pictures so long ago is now an equally talented, equally honest, equally imaginative young woman- a true force to be reckoned with !She is my hero- or should that be heroine ? She would not care which.

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  1. I LOVE this quilt! I wish I could have a chat with my pre-school self and ask "Why Yaks? Why are they dancing?" I understand the happiness. After all, who wouldn't be happy while dancing?